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We are primarily interested in

  • Young companies seeking growth

  • Well-established companies who need a shake-up to enter the growth track

  • Entrepreneurs who are committed to long‑term development and are open to external views.

Goals were meant to be exceeded

Guida is an extraordinary venture capitalist. We provide first-hand experience of entrepreneurship and growth challenges and, above all, exceptional initiative and performance.

For Investors

Reliable investments in growing SMEs

Our investment operations are intended to yield higher-than-average profits. We offer investors the opportunity to make a parallel investment with Guida and to decentralize related risks by investing in many seed-stage companies and using a combination of different funding instruments. We only make direct investments from our balance.

Guida offers help to angel investors

  • We take care of any arrangements related to combined investments.

  • We find, analyze and organize private equity investments.

  • We present interesting investment targets compatible with your investment strategy.

  • We participate in increasing the value of investments.

  • We will prepare eventual disinvestment according to an appropriate schedule.

Our Customers

We actively invest in businesses with specific development and growth potential.

We are looking for companies who need funding for growth and an expert partner and bold investor to cross the valley of death with. We offer you the required financing as well as the use of our extensive expertise. If you feel you do not have the time or skill to negotiate with different investors, we can also implement a venture round on your behalf.

Instead of hiding behind a desk, we will actively support you on a daily basis. Our operations are not tied to a specific industry or investment period. We make direct investments from our balance.


Naava ratkaisee maailmanlaajuisia epäterveellisestä ilmasta johtuvia terveysongelmia. Naava yhdistää luonnon ja teknologian ja luo siten parhaan luonnollisen sisäilmaston jokaiseen tilaan.


BrightCharger on älyllä varustettu laturi esimerkiksi kaikkiin älylaitteisiisi. Sen loistokkuus perustuu tekniikkaan, joka tunnistaa, milloin laitteesi akku on täynnä, eikä se tarvitse enää lisävirtaa.


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