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Guida offers funding for ambitious businesses

Guida is an independent Finnish funding company established in 2010. We specialize in providing operating capital for businesses. We focus intensely on entrepreneurship and on providing diverse support and coaching for target companies. As a funding company, we can help your start-up business to go global or boost established business activities to international growth.

From rock bottom to mountain top

We will prepare your company a working capital analysis for funding purposes and offer solutions for refinancing balance sheet items. We help customers whose financial situation hampers the growth of their business or the completion of an order.

Guida working capital financing releases any company capital tied up in customer receivables or inventory. Guida is prepared to finance orders submitted by end customers if the current resources of a growing business are insufficient for carrying out the order.

Speed, flexibility and customization in one package

When we identify an opportunity, we act on it quickly. Guida is an agile operator that performs all required measures without delay. We always cooperate with entrepreneurs personally.

Speed, flexibility and customization in one package

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