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We offer funding for ambitious businesses

We actively finance companies with specific development and growth potential. Our mission is to expedite the national and international growth of competitive Finnish SMEs.

We help Finnish entrepreneurs realize their growth plans. We support entrepreneurs during their adventure trip from the edge of the abyss to the summit. We convert small into big.

Petri Kortelainen

”It's important for us that we know the customer and that the customer knows us.”

Petri Kortelainen, Partner

Lighthouse and old building

Funding to realize your company’s growth and dreams.

”Olemme yrittäjälle kuin maalaispankki ennen vanhaan. Tunnemme asiakkaamme ja asiakas tuntee meidät.”

Petri Kortelainen, partner

”Laskujen rahoittaminen toimii joustavasti ja sinua sekä asiakkaitasi kuunnellen. ”

Roosa Siiskonen, rahoitusasiantuntija

Olet hyvässä joukossa

Roosa Siiskonen

"We are flexible with our invoice finance.

We really take your company's needs into consideration.”

Roosa Siiskonen, Financial Expert

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