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NaturVention received a growth funding and begins to export best indoor air to Stockholm

NaturVention the world’s leading biological air cleaning technology company, has now started best-air exporting to Stockholm.

NaturVention in co-operation with the maritime transport pioneer, Tallink Silja Oy., will from November 2015 onwards be using NaturVention’s Naava fresh walls to improve the indoor air of Silja Serenade, of Tallink Silja shipping line.

Tallink Silja is one of the largest passenger and cargo shipping companies operating in the Baltic Sea. It is a natural partner for NaturVention, as both companies focus is to offer innovative premium class services to their customers. Marika Nöjd, Tallink Silja’s Communications Director, states “It’s great to be the world’s first shipping company, which has active green walls in use. By utilising Naava fresh walls, we can provide a best-air environment to enhance the experience of all our customers”.

With co-operation of NaturVention and Tallink Silja, Naava fresh walls are now also available in Stockholm. “Stockholm is the first step towards the internationalization of the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. The market in Stockholm is the largest of the Nordic countries and it is a natural destination due to its location. It also makes for an exciting export market, because organizations based there, already invest in the welfare of their employees. They understand that indoor air quality affects the health and performance of personnel”, says NaturVention’s Business Development Director, Martti Siniharju.

NaturVention was founded in 2011 and its business is based on biotransformation processes that clean contaminated indoor air from various pollutants. Currently, Naava fresh walls are installed and improving the indoor air in over 500 locations across Finland and Russia. By securing a further €1,5 million in investment funding, this internationalization and development of the Naava product family, is set to continue.These investors include: Leena Niemistö, Hannu Turunen, Roland Mossig, Metsola Ventures, Hammaren & Co, Butterfly Ventures, Sitra, Guida Invest and personnel from NaturVention.

During the past year NaturVention has achieved 250% increase in turnover, resulting in thousands more people now enjoying daily, higher quality indoor air. The aim is to continue company growth so that by year 2020, all major cities are familiar with the health benefits of Naava fresh wall solutions.

“Healthy air has become the privilege for the few, especially in the big cities. Our mission is to make it a human right. We eat daily a kilo of food, drink a couple kilos of liquids, but we breathe 14 kilos of indoor air. In Western countries we can choose the quality of our food and drink, but before now, we were not able to choose the quality of air we breathe. We know that the next big health trend will be the air we breathe”, states the founding partner of the company Aki Soudunsaari.

More information:

Aki Soudunsaari, CEO, ph. 040 822 6322,

Carla Bosco, Key Account and Communications Manager, ph. 050 545 3183,


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